Craven Arms Listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’

Following an application submitted by Sevenhampton Parish Council the pub has been put on Cotswold District Council’s ‘Register of Assets of Community Value’.

This would normally mean that should the owner of the property intend to dispose of it there would be a six week moratorium for a local interest group to be identified as potential bidders to buy the asset. Following that there would be a further six month moratorium on the sale of the property to allow the local interest group to develop it’s bid to the property’s owner.

In spite of the Parish Council arguing otherwise the garage and the gardens behind the garage will be excluded from the Listing as

“….. The conclusion reached was there was no recent actual use of these parts of the property which furthers the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community.”

It should be noted that all this is subject to any review or appeal.

The property will remain on the list for five years.