Village Design Statement 2001

The Village Design Statement for the Parish of Sevenhampton was instigated by the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council, and the Parish Council appointed a team to prepare the document.
The Statement was a ‘follow on’ from the Village Appraisal and was to be adopted by the Cotswold District Council as a supplementary guide to the ‘Local Plans’ for Sevenhampton and Brockhampton.
This Statement was prepared following a questionnaire sent to all households, public meetings, an exhibition and consultation with the Parish Council.
Its aim is to describe the character and qualities of both villages, pointing out those features which make the villages unique. It was hoped that it would ensure that future changes and new buildings would take into account the thoughts put forward in this Statement.
This did not rule out innovative designs and new materials but they must be in scale and sit comfortably with their neighbours. Each age has its own style which adds to the varied character of the villages. We would not wish to encourage a slavish following of past styles.

The statement should be used as an informal document to assist the Cotswold District Council Planning Dept., and is addressed to:

  1. Statutory and Public Authorities.
  2. Planners, developers, architects and builders.
  3. All local householders and businesses.

“We hope it will be a tool to help manage long term change not prevent it.”

Click here to download the statement (multi page PDF file)