Sevenhampton Parish Council

The Parish Council is the lowest tier of government in England, a corporate body with a legal existence which has been granted powers by Parliament. Whilst the powers granted are very limited, they do include the authority to raise money through taxation (the Precept) for expenditure on closely defined local matters (for example the bus shelter in Brockhampton).
All the members of the Council are volunteers with a common aim to do something positive and hopefully, make a difference by influencing decisions that affect our community.

In addition to our usual responsibilities, such as planning matters and grass cutting, we have a “Way Forward Statement” which sets out the aims and objectives of the Parish Council. The Statement was drawn up after consultation with Parishioners and members of the Parish Council as to what they feel would benefit our community. It is through talking to the people who live in the Parish that we are able to find out what their concerns and hopes are for the future of our Parish.

We need people to attend our meetings to find out what we are doing and to contribute their views and provide feedback through their councillors.