Who’s who


The Parish Council Consists of seven councillors – elected every four years. The next elections will be held in May 2019.
The Parish Clerk is responsible for ensuring that meetings are carried out in accordance with the law and acts on the decisions of the council.
If you want to write to the council contact the Parish Clerk. You can also contact any of the Parish Councillors to discuss matters.

Councillors and Responsibilities Parish Clerk
Cllr Lynne Jackson (chairman)
01242 820408 email
Mrs Diana Cook
GL54 5TL
tel:01242 821018

The Parish Clerk is also a website administrator.

Cllr Bill Jenkin (vice chairman, website administrator)
– 01242 820338 email
Cllr Harry Boyd (planning, council representative on Rhodes Memorial Hall management committee)
–  01242 820327
Cllr Gordon Day
– 01242 820620
Cllr Emma Lanfear
– 01242 820552
Cllr Richard Foulkes
Tree Warden
Tex Cook – 01242 821018