Waste and Recycling Collections

These days apply to parts of the village within the Cotswold District Council area.

(For details of the Tewkesbury Borough Council’s arrangements click here.)

These arrangements will change in April 2020 when a new collection system will be introduced.

Weekly – Every Tuesday

Food Waste
Kitchen waste in 10 litre containers provided by Cotswold District Council is collected weekly. You may also put kitchen waste in the green Garden Waste wheelybins.

Garden Waste
This service costs £30 per wheelie-bin or 50 sacks a year.
Place in green wheelie-bin or brown sacks supplied by the council. You may also put food waste in the green wheelybins.

Fortnightly Collections – Alternate Tuesdays

Card & Cardboard
in blue reusable sack supplied by council

Glass and Paper
in black boxes supplied by council

“Rigid” Plastics, Cans and Aerosols
e.g. Plastic bottles, food trays, boxes, yogurt pots, cans, drinks cans, aerosols.
In white plastic sacks supplied by council

Residual (non-recyclable waste for landfill)
In grey wheelie-bin bins or beige sacks supplied by council.

collection dates

Click here for the Collection Calendar (PDF).
or click this link: and enter your post code in the box provided.
Click here for full details of Cotswold District Council’s Waste & Recycling service.