Rhodes Memorial Hall – Trustees

The Management Committee consists of

  • up to eight representative members from each of the local organisations who regularly use the Hall and
  • up to three elected members.

However, members of the Management Committee are first and foremost charity trustees and carry legal responsibilities and duties. They are responsible for administering both the Hall and its investment property in accordance with the provisions set out in the 1968 Scheme of the Commissions.  It is their duty and responsibility to act in the best interests of the Charity after having taken professional advice (where appropriate) and in adhering to the terms of the scheme which regulates the Charity.

The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the Hall, Reading Room and adjoining Cottage and must ensure that the full market value of the property is maintained.  This is a continual and sometimes expensive process and all work must be carried to a high professional standard ensuring it complies with current legislation on fire, health and safety etc.   All income is reinvested in the property and this funding is obtained from hiring of the Hall and accessories, rent from the adjoining cottage, and grants for special projects from local and national bodies.

The current members of the committee are:-

Representative Members: –

Harry Boyd representing the Parish Council
Gordon Day representing the Garden Club
Gill Hyatt representing the Century Club
Robert Jackson representing the Parochial Church Council
Bill Lanfear representing the Village Show
Georgina Oldham representing the Brockhampton Quilters
Debbie Sturge representing the W.I.

Elected Members:-

John Bashford
Linda Fergusson-Wood
The current Chairman is Gordon Day and the Treasurer Linda Fergusson-Wood

Custodian Trustee
The Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee* and as such it holds the title to all the property of the charity but is not involved in its day to day management.
Although the Parish Council as Custodian Trustee takes no part in the management of the hall it does have one nominated representative on the management committee (see above).
*The powers and duties of a custodian trustee are set out in section 4 of the Public Trustee Act 1906.