Conservation Areas


The two areas were introduced by the Cotswold District Council in 1985 against a background of some local controversy. A few years earlier the residents of Sevenhampton had asked for their village to have conservation status. Eventually the District Council offered conservation areas for both Sevenhampton and Brockhampton.

An open meeting and a request for residents to put their views in writing produced no real consensus on the issue so the Parish Council took a referendum of each household in the two villages. Of the forms returned each village separately voted against (Brockhampton 57% and Sevenhampton 61%). However the District Council imposed the areas regardless, to the disgust of some of the members of the Parish Council and residents.

Statements of Policy

The documents reproduced on the two pages linked to from below are the ‘Statements of Policy’ applying to the conservation areas in the parish. They were written in 1985 and reviewed in 1990.

For the Statements of Policy and links to a maps of the areas –


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