W.I. programme

Meetings in 2018 (at 7.30pm in Rhodes Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated):-

8th January (in Whittington Hall)
Millinery – Louise Pocock

15th January
Birthday Meal at The Craven Arms – 7pm

5th February
Fake or Fortune – Chris O’Grady

5th March
Bus Across the Andes  – Nick Clark

9th April
Mysterious Objects – Sandra Ashenford

14th May
Wyton Wisdom – Peter Wyton

4th June
Garden Meeting to be arranged

2nd July
The Fairground Calendar- Graham Downie

2nd or 9th August
Outing to Kelmscot Manor

3rd September
The Purple Community Fund- Jane Walker

1st October
The National Telephone Kiosk Collection – Andrew Hurley

5th November
Every Picture Tells a Story – Peter Preece

3rd December
AGM & Social Evening