W.I. programme

Meetings in 2018 (at 7.30pm in Rhodes Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated):-

8th January (in Whittington Hall)
Millinery – Louise Pocock
Louise works from her studio shop in Chipping Campden High Street. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge & believes that everyone can wear a hat and most people can make one.

15th January
Birthday Meal at The Craven Arms – 7pm

5th February
Fake or Fortune – Chris O’Grady
Where to buy, what to look for, where to sell. Dare to bring something along for an informal appraisal.

5th March
Bus Across the Andes  – Nick Clark

9th April
Mysterious Objects – Sandra Ashenford
See how many of the unusual objects that Sandra brings along you can identify.  Could ba a trip down memory lane!

14th May
Wyton Wisdom – Peter Wyton
A poet of page and performance.  Peter has published a number of books and has a regular column in Cotswold Life.

4th June
Garden Visit to be arranged

2nd July
The Fairground Calendar- Graham Downie
A description of the fairground year through a selection of slides taken at Britain’s historic fairs, giving the history of each of the fairs illustrated & how they contribute to the yearly pattern of fairs.

Thursday 2nd August
Visit to Kelmscot Manor

3rd September CHARITY STALL
The Purple Community FundJane Walker
Founded by Jane in 2016 after a life changing trip to the Philippines. Its mission is to provide social, education & health to families, both in the UK and the Philippines.  Find out how saving ring pulls can raise money.

1st October
The National Telephone Kiosk CollectionAndrew Hurley
The collection was acquired by Avoncroft Museum in 1994 & contains 32 kiosks, including every type used from 1912 to the present day.

5th November
Every Picture Tells a Story – Peter Preece
Illustrated talk on how to find and photograph wildlife in Britain.

3rd December
AGM & Social Evening